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Seven Step Seller's Guide



1. Contact a Greater CT Real Estate Agent. We will prepare a Market Analysis on your home to determine its appropriate list price, discuss the selling process, and answer all of your questions. 

2. The Six C's of Staging Your Home:

  • Curb appeal counts: A clean driveway, freshly mowed lawn, and trimmed hedges will offer a great first impression of your home.
  • Cleanliness is key: Go room by room and clean: kitchens, bathrooms, and the main entrance are critical. 
  • Clear all clutter: Less is more; having excessive items makes a poor impression. Remove clutter from kitchen countertops and cabinets, closets, and storage areas. Pack and store all items that you will not need for the next few months.
  • Complete repairs: It is important that everything is in good working order, leaky faucets, damaged walls, and burnt out light bulbs can create a bad impression.
  • Consider the small things: Small touches can improve the appearance of any room; new bathroom towels, replacing a worn area rug, or putting out a vase of flowers can brighten a room up. 
  • Continued maintenance: Once the home has been successfully cleaned and staged it is critical to maintain these improvements. Have all members of your household get involved, just a few minutes every day will help keep your property ready to show.

3. Your agent will meet with you to review the listing paperwork. You will fill out the property disclosure forms, and discuss which items will stay in the home upon sale (appliances, window treatments, etc.).

4. Your agent will take excellent photographs of your beautifully staged home, list your property on the MLS and all major real estate websites, and market your property to sell in the least amount of time and for the greatest profit. 

5. Your agent will schedule showings for prospective buyers and keep you updated with feedback.

6. Once an offer is received, negotiated and accepted the buyer will conduct their home inspection, their lender will order an appraisal, and we will work towards closing.

7. At the closing you will sign the final documents, give the keys to the buyer, and just like that the sale is complete!