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Greater Compensation: Permanent 80/20 Commission Split!

At Greater CT Real Estate we are proud to offer our agents one of the most competitive commission structures in Connecticut: A Permanent 80/20 Commission Split! Agents work hard to secure leads, negotiate deals, and close sales. We enable you to make more money with a straightforward high-level commission split. We have NO corporate or franchise/royalty fees, NO desk fees, and NO unnecessary agent charges. Always earn the same high-level split with no minimum sales quota or annual reset to your commission structure! 

Greater Freedom!

At Greater CT Real Estate you will experience a higher level of freedom. We do not force a corporate fee structure on our agents, you have the freedom to determine the sales commission rate charged to your clients. There is no floor time, no transaction fees, and no superfluous meetings.  

Greater Success!

At Greater CT Real Estate your Broker has a vested interest in your success. All leads on your listings are sent directly to you so your leads will never be lost to another agent. Expert Broker guidance is also always available to you. 

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