Seven Step Buyer's Guide


1. Contact a Greater CT Real Estate Agent to discuss what you are looking for (location, house specifications, price range, etc.). Your agent will set up an MLS portal that will automatically keep you updated on all available homes meeting your criteria. 

2. Your agent can refer you to a mortgage professional to discuss your financing options and issue a pre-approval letter.  

3. Review the homes that your agent sent you in your MLS portal. Your agent will schedule a personal showing and walk you through the property. 

4. When you find that special home your agent will determine its market value and prepare a purchase offer. 


5. Once your offer is accepted, contact a licensed home inspector and schedule an inspection. Your agent will review the inspection report with you, and negotiate any necessary repairs or closing credits.

6. An appraisal will be ordered through your lender, you will receive the appraisal report and all parties will work towards closing. 

7. Your agent will take you on a final walk-through of the property prior to closing. You will then attend to closing to sign the final documents and complete the purchase of your home.